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At REC, contributing to a world with wider and increased access to our energy is our passion, and this is lived by our 1,800+ employees. Our own people from various offices, departments, and job functions all over their world tell you why they work in solar and why REC is such a great place to work.



"REC offers an enjoyable and international working atmosphere with great colleagues from all over the world. At the realization of large scale solar projects i face exciting new challenges every day. In my daily work, i have to learn how to think outside the box and i can identify new ways and solutions to achieve the best results for the company. I’m looking forward to my future at the rec to learn and grow more in my role as a project manager and i believe rec is an excellent organization with which to build a career."


"I really like the idea of contributing to a cleaner world and better way of producing energy. The ever-changing market conditions are often tough but always a new challenge so it never gets boring. Working in REC is fun mainly because of the people who are working here – in my office there is a very international crowd which is inspiring, talented and fun to be with! Last but not least REC is located very convenient for me so I can go to work by bike in the sunny season, spend less time commuting and more time with my family! ;-)"

REC in Asia-Pacific

Cai, Senior Process Engineer, REC in Singapore

"Gathering data, analyzing trends,solving problems and learning newthings using the state-of-the-artequipment at REC are all just a smallpart of my job scope. In the end, it’s the whole team’s efforts of creating high-quality and long-lasting solar panels that enables us to ensure maximum customer and job satisfaction."

Candy, Manufacturing Engineer, REC in Singapore

"What I enjoy most at REC is theopportunity to work with differentcross-functional teams, enabling meto meet and learn from colleaguesthat have various specializations insolar manufacturing. The REC approach in manning and optimizing manpower has also greatly enhanced my knowledge as a manufaturing engineer."

Ashok, Senior Equipment Engineer, REC in Singapore

"Some of the greatest satisfaction is derived from the ability to ensure maximum utilization of the state-of-the-art equipment through the constant training and development provided to me at REC, and more importantly, the great team spirit that is displayed while handling equipments challenges."

Darryl, Senior Process Development Engineer, REC in Singapore

"Combining cutting edge technology with a world-class and fully-automated production facility, REC is at the forefront of the global drivetowards Energizing Life Together. Ithas been a very exciting and rewarding journey so far for me in the Solar Panels division and I am looking forward to continue delivering top quality and affordable panels with REC for the world."

Lim Jin, Equipment Engineer, REC in Singapore

"I am grateful REC has provided me the opportunity to develop cross-functional skills through the Internal Mobility Program which saw me transform from a Manufacturing Engineer to currently an Equipment Engineer. This enables the journey of self-discovery amidst working in a world-renown solar energy company, reducing carbon footprint one panel at a time."

REC in North America

Kristin, Sales Operations Manager, REC in San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

"I’ve worked for REC for almost five years now, and in that time, we have had many opportunities and challenges. My favorite thing about working for REC has been tackling these things- every day is something new and different. And of course, sometimes these changes are not always easy, but working with a great team of people as well as wonderful customers has made the challenges much less difficult! I love the people that I work with at REC."

Monty, Accounting Manager, REC in San Francisco, CA, USA

"The first reason why I work for REC is REC’s nature of business, creating value through efficient and sustainable solar products to meet growing electricity needs globally. Being a multinational company, I am getting valuable experience by working with the people from different countries and backgrounds. REC recognizes the value of employees. Being in small office set up, I feel very valuable and responsible for the work I do at REC. Upper management is very transparent to the employees and also interaction is very comfortable. Work life balance is great in the company, with flexibility of work hours as long as things get completed."

REC in Japan

Ushio, Director of Sales, REC in Tokyo, Japan

"After the nuclear disaster caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, we realize the importance of renewable energy in Japan. Among various renewable energies, solar products are the most installation-friendly. I can contribute to accelerate such human-friendly energy and I find the job very meaningful. At REC, the products, operations and people are honest and built based on integrity and the company is very international, embracing diversity."

Keisuke, Sales Manager, REC in Tokyo, Japan

"Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, renewable energy has became an important industry. I am highly motivated to contribute in this industry and work for the better future of Japan. Plus, quality is top priority in REC. Thus I am confident to talk to customer and sell REC products."


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