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3 Tips for Navigating Supply Chain Issues

Global supply chain issues are making it increasingly difficult to get the solar equipment you need to install systems. Homeowners are often unaware of these challenges and it’s difficult to predict when supply will be back to normal. We’ve put together some helpful tips to help you navigate these turbulent times.
  1. Set accurate expectations – Supply chain-driven shortages and delays are being experienced in most aspects of our personal and professional lives. As widespread and impactful as these issues are, homeowners might not realize how difficult it can be to source the equipment for their PV system. Communicating with and educating your customers that current global supply chain issues are heavily impacting the US solar industry, along with the evolving Federal AD/CVD solar case, can help maintain a positive customer experience and mitigate consumer frustration.
  2. Manufacturer vs. panel – When quoting a new system, focus on the panel manufacturer you will be using, not the exact panel wattage. Explain to customers that you will design their system with the best option available, whether it be Alpha Pure 400 or 405. It can also be helpful to update your contract language to allow you to substitute a comparable panel within 5-10 watts of the originally quoted panel.
  3. Diversify your services offered – With increased prices and low supply of solar panels, this is a great time to focus efforts on electric vehicle chargers and battery add-ons. The market for these add-ons has grown significantly with increased demand for electric vehicles and is projected to keep growing!

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