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100 by 100 – Exponential success for REC Group’s latest innovative solar panel, the REC N-Peak Series

Munich, Germany April 25, 2019
REC Group, the largest European brand for solar photovoltaic panels, announces accelerated sales of its latest innovation, the REC N-Peak solar panel: of the product’s 150 MW total annual production capacity, 100 MW have been already sold to 102 customers worldwide within only five months since shipping began in October 2018. The brand’s best-of-the-best solar panels are now generating clean electricity on roofs worldwide, with installations now live in Australia, Singapore, the U.S., Germany, Italy, Poland, and Norway, REC’s homeland.

100 MW of REC N-Peak sold to 102 customers worldwide since shipping began in October 2018. REC Group’s newest flagship solar panel now generating clean power around the globe. Solar systems for example live in Australia, Singapore, the U.S., Germany, Italy, Poland, and Norway, REC’s homeland.

Steve O’Neil, CEO at REC Group, is proud of these results: “The REC N-Peak solar panel builds on the success of REC’s multiple award-winning TwinPeak technology, and has been eagerly awaited by the market since it was unveiled last summer. The fact that within just five months, we have sold two-thirds of our total annual capacity, proves that we are carefully listening to our customers and are responding with product innovations that meet their needs. On behalf of REC’s 2,000 employees worldwide, I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to REC customers and for our strong relationships.”

REC Group’s most powerful solar panel ever
REC N-Peak is the world’s first n-type mono solar panel with half-cut cells and a twin panel design. Reaching 330 Wp in a 60-cell format, the REC N-Peak Series uses the most efficient crystalline cell technology in the industry, n-type monocrystalline half-cut cells. Verified by the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), REC N-Peak solar panels provide energy yield advantages over competitive p-type mono products. With REC’s new industry-topping 20-year product and 25-year power warranties, customers can now look forward to even greater guaranteed output over the lifetime of the panels.

REC Group was the first to industrialize half-cut cell technology, introducing it in 2014; today, 2.5 GW of REC’s half-cut cell solar panels are installed worldwide. REC N-Peak panels also feature the innovative REC ‘Twin’ panel design, where the panel is split into two twin sections. The design enables the panels to continue generating energy even when partially shaded. It is just a month ago, that REC Group launched N-Peak Black, a full black version for stunning aesthetics.

Australia takes first place

The world’s first REC N-Peak solar panels went to Australia. The Perth-based Solaire Connect, completed the 3.2 kW rooftop project in Perth, Australia, benefiting from the super-strong frame design as well as the power efficiency of the 320 Wp modules to create a stable and efficient system. Ben Towers, Managing Director at Solaire Connect, says “We are very excited and proud to be a part of the first ever N-Peak installation, and are looking forward to many more over the years.”

Other rooftop installations powered by REC N-Peak solar panels:

System size: 9.92 kW
Annual capacity: 9,920 kWh
CO2 saved annually: 7 tons
Number of panels: 31
Installer / EPC company: SunSol
Year installed: 2019
Location: Gdańsk, Poland

System size: 7.04 kW
Annual capacity: 11,212 kWh
CO2 saved annually: 7.9 tons
Number of panels: 22
Installer / EPC company: Infinium Solar, Inc.
Year installed: 2019
Location: Lodi, CA, USA

System size: 10.24 kW
Annual capacity: 7,000 kWh
CO2 saved annually: 4 tons
Number of panels: 32
Installer / EPC company: Solbære AS
Year installed: 2018
Location: Frekhaug, Bergen, Norway

And REC Group’s next big innovation is already coming: At Intersolar Europe on May 15, the brand will unveil the world’s highest power 60-cell solar panel. More information available at

For further information please contact:
Agnieszka Schulze
Head of Global PR, REC Group
Tel.: +49 89 54 04 67 225
E-mail: agnieszka.schulze [at]

Leopoldstraße 175
80804 Munich, Germany
Managing Director: Cemil Seber
Court of Registration: Munich HRB 180306
VAT ID-No: DE266243545

About REC Group:
Founded in Norway in 1996, REC Group is a leading vertically integrated solar energy company. Through integrated manufacturing from silicon to wafers, cells, high-quality panels and extending to solar solutions, REC Group provides the world with a reliable source of clean energy. REC’s renowned product quality is supported by the lowest warranty claims rate in the industry. REC Group is a Bluestar Elkem company with headquarters in Norway and operational headquarters in Singapore. REC Group employs 2,000 people worldwide, producing 1.5 GW of solar panels annually.

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